They sleep in shifts and watch all of their classes online. Six Stanford seniors have already begun camping in the standby line outside Gate 4 of Stanford Stadium with the hopes of getting a ticket to Big Game.

“We kinda just realized there was no way we’d get enough loyalty points by then,” said David Green, sporting a red zone shirt and a Stanford headband. “I need to be sure I’m the first in line for Big Game. I wanna go so bad!”

Oddly, the students will continue camping out through the Oregon game, but they won’t go in. Sarah Black explained their reasoning. “I know it’s probably a lot more important than Big Game,” she said, “but someone else could jump ahead of us in the standby line while we’re at the Oregon game, and I can’t let that happen. I need to guard our spot.”

One might expect these students to be angry at the new ticket system Stanford has implemented, but they seem cheerful. “Here at Stanford, you don’t have to camp out for three weeks in a standby line,” claimed David, “you get to camp out for three weeks in a standby line. I’m just excited watch us lay a beat down on Cal.”

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