After leaving his Silicon Valley news blog TechCrunch earlier this month, Michael Arrington has announced that he is using funding from Sequoia Capital and General Mills to start his next big business venture: TechCrunch Cereal.

“The cereal’s base calories will come from its whole wheat bran flakes and crunchy computer chips. My hope is that these chips will make the taste simply electrifying,” said Arrington.

Eliot Waters, the world famous cereal taste-tester, claims that the cereal “lacks ingenuity, despite having a distinct apple flavor.” Waters also commented that he was uncertain “whether or not consuming computer chips on a daily basis is healthy for the human population, and whether or not the cereal’s quirky mascot, Captain TechCrunch, will be the catalyst for an intellectual property lawsuit”.

To Eliot’s comments, Arrington replied that the cereal is only “mildly toxic” to the general public and that intellectual property laws aren’t much of a concern.

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