Fate Unites Soulmates During Awkward Fraternity Party Grinding Session

October 17, 2011 6:00 am
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Fate Unites Soulmates During Awkward Fraternity Party Grinding Session

As Allen Henderson (’13) and Monica Stevens (’14) glided across the beer-and-sweat stained dance floor of Sigma Chi last Friday night, little did they know that their course was being carefully guided by destiny.

Fortune seized its chance when Henderson began to muscle his way through the dense crowd to procure another Natural Ice from the makeshift fraternity bar. But Anheuser-Busch brand pale lager wasn’t on the menu tonight, as long as fate still had a part to play. While Henderson attempted his exodus from the throbbing mass of humanity, he collided with the dancing form of Monica Stevens and, in that fleeting moment, it was clear that Cupid’s arrow had found its mark.

“I could tell from the back of her head that she was the one. The way she undulated to the romantic rhythms of T-Pain and Kanye West was awe-inspiring,” explained a lovestruck Henderson. “Plus, she was kinda blocking my way to the bar, so I figured, why not dance with her?”

Stevens was equally enamored with her new dance partner: “I never believed in love at first sight until tonight…although technically I didn’t actually see his face until the third song in the playlist…but, you know, he was sober enough to support his own weight, so that was good.”

The couple left the party under what was drunkenly-assumed to be a waning crescent moon, and stole off in search of a romantic dining experience at Lagunita Late Nite.

When pressed for details the next morning, neither party had a clear recollection of the meeting. Henderson was last seen pondering a random Facebook friend request from some ugly girl named Monica.