After a year of hard work, you deserve some recognition. That’s why the Flipside has decided to honor the most important contributions of the year with “The Flippies.” More prestigious than the Emmys and more insightful than your second quarter IHUM kid, The Flippies tell it like it is and we tell it with taste, style, and class.

Couple Most Likely to Get Walked Out On/Walked in On: Gaieties Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Most Likely Criminal Profile: Chubby Black-Indian Man with Dreadlocks Who Smells of Apples, a.k.a. an Oompa Loompa. Runner-up: Bernie Madoff

Best Place to Find an Asian: Main Quad. Runner-up: Lag Dining

Group Most Likely To Be A Radio Station: KZSU

Best Food on Campus: Bring Chipotle back to campus. Runner-up: Bring In-N-Out back to campus.

Judicial Body Most Likely to Do Whatever the Hell they Want: Supreme Court (Winning for the 154th year in a row).

Natural Disaster Most Likely To Mess Up Your Shit: Japanese Tsunami. Runner-up: Joplin Tornado

Supernatural Disaster Most Likely To Mess Up Your Shit: Last Week’s Rapture.

Group Most Likely to Have an Affair with the ROTC: Stanford Review.

Person Most Likely to Find Osama bin Laden: Barack Obama. Runner-up:  SEAL Team 7

Worst Place to Go on a First Date: The South Stacks. Runner-up: Kappa Sig

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