Joshua Randle (‘11) finally has made peace with IHUM in the weeks before graduation. Introduction to Humanities, the year-long sequence required for freshman, is considered undesirable to some because of its required discussion sections, challenging essays, and unforgivable lameness.

Joshua has been spending these last months before graduation forgiving IHUM and moving beyond it. “I’ll finally be able to take part in conversations without having to hold myself back in fear of being the IHUM kid,” said Joshua.

The wounds are still too fresh for some. Robert Aiken (‘11) fought back tears as he described that his IHUM lectures met at 9am both winter and spring quarters.

Many, however, like Robert, see hope. Having been scarred from reading novels, philosophy, or any other humanities texts since freshman year, many seniors are looking forward to a new chapter in their lives after nearly 3 years to reflect and recover.

With a cautious smile, Joshua said that he’s begun building a reading list and hopes to be able to read for pleasure again in the weeks following graduation.

And after all, at least he’s not a SLE kid.

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