Facebook Friends Meet for the First Time

May 7, 2011 9:00 am
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Facebook Friends Meet for the First Time

This week, Stanford students Alice Walker ’11 and Patricia Freeman ‘11 finally met in person after being Facebook for friends for over a year. Being part of the same graduating class, they have been in numerous classes together but never before acknowledged the other’s physical existence outside the virtual comfort of Facebook.

When they first ‘met’ they shared 17 mutual friends and liked cooking, Adele, and the television show House. Throughout their Facebook friendship they ‘liked’ and made numerous witty comments on each other’s status updates. Their Facebook friendship even reached the point of ‘liking’ each other’s comments on other friend’s posts.

Alice and Patricia had the opportunity to meet each other in person in the dining hall earlier this week. They simply said, “Hey” under their breath, awkwardly smiled and pretended to look for food in the dining hall. Neither student was available for comment as they escaped the awkward situation as fast as they could.