In shocking news, Apple leaked information about their knowledge of the location of Carmen Sandiego. The international woman of mystery is now no longer so mysterious anymore.

Chief engineer for the iPhone’s GPS system, Joey Tang, said, “Yeah, I’ve actually been following her for quite a while now.  Everyone knows we keep track of everyone’s locations on their phone. It was easy to find her.”

Many people, however, do not think Apple should have this data. “I don’t care that I’ve been searching for Carmen since I was a little kid,” said Tom Duffy. “Apple just should respect people’s privacy.”

However, in this digital age, the tension between privacy and security is ever increasing.

“Without Apple’s intrusive technology, we would never have captured Enemy of the State Carmen Sandiego,” commented Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates.

Sandiego, leader of terrorist organization V.I.L.E. and orchestrator of heists all over the world, was apprehended by Navy SEALs at Safeway in a suburb just outside of San Diego.  She is now in US custody awaiting trial.

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