In an unprecedented display of raw Presidential power, Barack Obama has single-handedly embroiled himself in a heated thumb war with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. What initially appeared to be just another cursory diplomatic handshake took a violent turn when Obama clenched his fingers into his counterpart’s palm and muttered, “Bring it, Muammar.”

Unfortunately for the President, many Americans are having issues with what Obama is calling “Operation Act Like an Immature Nine Year Old.”

The media is ripping Obama apart for starting the Thumb War without Congress saying, “1-2-3-4. I declare a thumb war.” Other humanitarian groups are concerned that Obama is using the tactic of wrapping his index finger around Gaddafi’s thumb, a clear violation of Article VII, Paragraph 4 of the Geneva Convention.

Additionally, there is an ongoing investigation to support the claim that Joe Biden repeatedly gave Libyans noogies and refused to stop even after they yelled “mercy.”

Polls show very low approval ratings for the President. Over 85% of voters do not support the thumb war, and instead think the President would have accomplished more by just flipping off Gaddafi instead.

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