The lists just keep on coming. Since the exposure of “The List” yesterday, countless other lists of classes have surfaced. The most recent controversy surrounds a list of “hard” classes given out to Engineering majors.

“I’ve heard of the list, but I’ve never seen it,” said Cathy Roberts, a CompLit major.

The list, which has been handed out for at least 60 years, is distributed in the basement of Gates, and students all over campus are in uproar about the unfair special treatment given to engineering students.

The list includes classes like AA 202: Hypersonic Flow, CS 228T: Probabilistic Graphical Models: Advanced Methods, and BIOE 222C: Multimodality Molecular Imaging in Living Subjects III.

“I never really thought of it as a list of the hardest classes at Stanford,” said one engineering student who later requested to withhold his name and major. “I just thought it was a list of interesting classes that would fit in our schedule.”

One representative from the Engineering school said, “An objective evaluation of the courses included on the list reveals several courses that most students would consider to be academically quite easy, not rigorous at all, and pretty much total bullshit.”

Despite his comments, we were unable to find a single Engineering student who could point out even one objectively easy class.

President Hennessy claims that the list is available to anyone who wants it but wonders, “Why the hell would anyone want to take classes on this list?”

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