Offended Groups Walk out of Gaieties Discussion

February 2, 2011 12:37 am
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Offended Groups Walk out of Gaieties Discussion

ROBLE DORM THEATER–Yesterday night, the Ram’s Head Theatrical Society held a discussion to promote conversation about the controversial student production Gaieties. 

The discussion started out productive and positive. One student voiced his opinion that “Gaieties was too offensive because it may make people feel insecure about their identity, since they may confuse themselves with the characters onstage.” Nods were seen across the theater. 

However, several minutes later, one comment caused the discussion to sour. “Gaieties portrays blacks, gays, and Christians in a negative light.” Gasps were heard across Roble Dorm Theater as many blacks were upset that the word “gays” was used, gays were upset that they didn’t say “African American,” and the Christians were mad for some other very good reason.

Then another student stood up and yelled: “You know whose fault this really is? This is all the Jews fault!”

After the uproar, a group of forty students got up, and after whispering amongst themselves, walked out of the theater. We caught up with some of these students after the event.

“Why did we walk out?” said one of the protesters. “Because what they said was offensive and demeaning. I don’t even care what they meant to say. In my opinion, those arguments were hateful and bigoted, and I don’t want to just sit there passively like I support what they say. And they blamed it on the Jews. I mean, I know it was the Jews fault, but they still shouldn’t do that in a public forum like that.”

Ram’s Head is planning to hold a follow-up town hall style discussion to gather the people who walked out of the discussion to see why they walked out of the discussion.