New Proposition To Forbid Vegetarians From Marrying

February 2, 2011 9:00 am
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New Proposition To Forbid Vegetarians From Marrying

Recent controversy has erupted over vegetarians marrying other vegetarians. Many believe they have just as much of a right to marry as omnivores or carnivores, but some are vehemently against it. Many crazy right-wingers have decided it was time to take action.

“It’s just not right. God didn’t intend for people not to eat meat,” said Mike Huckabee. “These people getting married devalues the sanctity of marriage between regular omnivores.”

Vegetarian rights activists, however, claim it’s not a choice to become a vegetarian, but rather that people are born that way.

“It’s unfair,” said vegetarian Joan Baez. “Omnivores don’t have to come out and say they are omnivores. We should have equal rights to be with the ones we love, whether vegetarian or omnivore.”