With finals just around the corner, many students have started worrying about how they are going to prepare for this quarter’s exams.

Luckily, Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court announced last week that the court will hold extra judicial review sessions to help students study for finals.

Despite Roberts’ good intentions, his plans were not well received. Jeremiah Sweet, a Junior at American University explained, “This Judicial ‘Review’ Session is just another example of the court overstepping its authority. First they want to legalize abortion and now they’re telling us how to study? What’s next? A decision telling us we have to go sleep at 10:00?”

Sweet is not alone in his criticism of the court. Various Congressmen spoke out against the court, calling for legislation to prevent the court from exercising judicial review.

The first scheduled review session will be held in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals next Tuesday at 7:00. The session will cover Constitutional Law and Physics.

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