Palo Alto – Reports show that Kenneth Overman, having achieved his long-standing goal of owning two separate recreational drones, has now switched his aspirations from acquiring drones to watching them face off in a 21st century airborne reinterpretation of gladiatorial combat. While investigations seem to indicate that Overman has not accomplished this yet, they have also uncovered that it is virtually all he talks about anymore outside of work.

Bystanders have seen Overman standing in the front yard of his property, muttering to himself while flying first one drone, and then the other. A brief survey of his neighbors concluded that Overman has yet to successfully get both of his drones, a DJI Phantom Superdrone and a FreeFly Inspire, into the air at the same time, let alone successfully pilot them into each other in a proper contest to determine which drone is mightiest. As of yet, Overman has not approached anyone else to fly his drones, but speculations abound as to why this has been the case.

On his blog, aptly titled “”, Overman has specified various strategies that either drone could use to achieve supremacy in the realm of airborne combat, although he is also quick to mention that all of this knowledge is purely theoretical, as he has yet to figure out how to maintain both drones in the air simultaneously. It is unclear as to how Overman has arrived at any of his theoretical conclusions, but these questions of philosophy have not deterred him one bit from his pursuits. As of press time, Overman published a post titled “Could The FreeFly Inspire’s Attack Potential Be Incrased [sic] By Soldering On Knives”

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