Hoping to build on the success of their “Happy Meal” product line, McDonald’s has introduced a new set of meals to appeal to a broader age range.

The main new meal from McDonald’s is the ‘Midlife Crisis’ meal, given to those in their thirties or forties, which contains a toy convertible and less of everything that you asked for. Sometimes the order is messed up entirely, and if you order a burger they’ll just give you chicken.

Another one of the meals on McDonalds’ new lineup is the ‘Childhood Obesity’ Meal. The ‘Childhood Obesity’ Meal has been the focus of the new marketing campaign, and is exactly the same as previous Happy Meals.

In an effort to stay close to their tried and true originals, they are also introducing the George Clooney meal, which is also the same as the regular Happy Meal, but much, much more handsome.

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