Recently, North Korea’s famously unpredictable leader Kim Jong-Il has been deciding who should succeed him. After what he called a very tough decision, he eliminated his son, Kim Jong-Un from the running, leaving the race down to Kim Kardashian, Lil Kim and Kim Possible.

“I had always hoped my son would be able to take my title, but he is not ready,” Kim Jong-Il said. “I will have to give power to one of my three daughters.”

Kim Kardashian said she didn’t even know Kim Jong-Il was her father, but she was convinced after being told that in Asia, the first name you say is the family name.

Kim Possible seems ready for the job. “So not the drama,” she said in a recent interview about the prospects of turning around a nation stricken by poverty. Unfortunately for her, some people high up in the North Korean government are convinced that their country cannot be run by a fictional character.

Lil Kim seems to be the long shot, but she remains confident, “Can’t fuck with the queen bee,” she said, hoping to become the country’s queen.

Stay tuned for the latest coverage on Kim Jong-Il’s successor.

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