SAN FRANCISCO, CA.—Californians reached a compromise this past Tuesday on Gay Marriage and put into effect HR 520, also known as the Partial Equality for Nutarians, Inmates, and Southerners Act.  The Act dictates that Gays can marry, but only every other week.  Legislators are still in heated debate on an amendment specifying which week of each year will be the first week of gay marriage.

“Them not getting the leap year days would give me a piece[sic] of mind,” affirmed Sarah Palin in a televised press conference.  Governor Schwarzenegger argued, “Gays need the first week of January if they are going to get fashion week.” Political Experts predict that the Assembly and State Senate could be fighting over minutia on the Bill for another six months.

Editor’s Note: We are uncertain how Sarah Palin managed to pronounce “piece of mind” with the wrong spelling, but she did.

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