Just weeks after announcing its ambitious plan to spread the ‘Like’ button all over the Internet, Facebook unveiled the ‘Like Like’ button. The new button, which will appear below a user’s profile picture, will provide a convenient way for shy or socially awkward users to share their romantic feelings with one another.

As a Facebook representative explained in a press conference yesterday afternoon, “Based on extensive market research, we realized that when you like like someone, the ‘Like’ button is simply not enough. With the ‘Like Like’ button, you can tell that special Facebook friend that you want to be more than just friends.”

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Many Facebook users have reacted positively to the announcement. For example, Jason Parsons, a sixth grader from Michigan, expressed excitement about trying out the new button. He explained, “There’s this girl that I really like, but I’m too scared to actually talk to her. A few weeks ago, I decided I would show her how I feel by pressing ‘Like’ on all of her 837 tagged photos on Facebook.  The ‘Like Like’ button just makes it so much easier!”

According to a Facebook insider, the company plans to introduce even more romantic buttons in the near future, including a ‘Love’ button for people who want to say “I love you” to their significant other but are too scared to do so in person.

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