Opinion: Frat Boys Have Rights Too! 

April 26, 2010 12:13 am
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Opinion: Frat Boys Have Rights Too! 

Note to the reader: words that didn’t meet The Flipside’s decency standard have been replaced with *s. 

F**k, this has got to f**king stop! Frat boys around the world, hear my call to rise up and fight for our rights. 
Rise up and unite against the looming cloud of oppression! Our rights to free speech are imperiled. Last week, some dude used a perfectly normal word in a perfectly normal way to describe a perfectly normal loser. He called somebody a—oh wait, I’m not allowed to say it anymore—starts with f and rhymes with bag. Or tag. How about I just say, “f-bag?” Yeah. Bring it. 

And this is a slippery slope. After they take away “f-bag,” they’ll take “d-bag,” and then they’ll take “a-hole,” and then before we know it, we won’t even be able to say “butt-f**ker.” 
We, the fraternal brothers of the world, need to speak out against this tyranny. We have the right to our kegs! We have the right to wear wife-beaters. And we have the right to stagger drunkenly across our sticky floors admiring the cleavage of sorority girls. 

Seriously guys, this is gay,
Charles “Chug it!” Frickman