This weekend, Stanford students in Loro threw a party that started before the arrival of Ke$ha. Guests were surprised that the DJ made it pop and blew the speakers up without even receiving instruction from the music sensation.

“Yeah, we just opened a few beers and threw on some tunes,” said party host Jason Holmes. “We were just playing some pong, and some guy was like, ‘Hey man, sick party!’ We didn’t even know it began.”

Tens of people then started flowing into the room, flocking from all over campus because they heard there was a party. Before anyone knew it, people were dancing on tables and making terrible life decisions.

Jason and his friends thought Ke$ha didn’t come because she was probably still getting her pedicure on her toes toes and trying on all her clothes clothes. “We thought the party couldn’t start until Ke$ha came,” said Jason’s roommate Alberto, “but it all just happened so fast.”

When Ke$ha was reached for comment, she just said “Whoah whoah wha-oh, whoah whoah wha-oh.”

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