It has recently come to our attention that we have made some factual errors in previous issues of the Flipside. We would like to take this opportunity to address some of these errors and to set the record straight.

1. In Issue 28, we wrongly stated that Relay for Life was pro-life—they are actually anti-life.

2. We reported that 67.4 percent of Stanford students disapprove of the ASSU Senate. Further studies have shown that our statistic was flawed. Only 67.3% of students disagree with the ASSU.

3. We wrongly suggested that lima beans are the worst tasting vegetables—this is not true. We do, however, stand by our assertion that they are the ugliest vegetables.

4. Obama was reported to have said, “Yes We Can,” not “Yes We Car”

5. An additional study showed that 67.5 percent of Stanford students disapprove of the ASSU Senate—not 67.3 percent. We retract our second retraction and apologize for any civil unrest this might have caused.

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