SAN FRANCISCO—This week, Mac icon Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPad. Sized between an iPod and an iBook, the iPad is expected to take the world by storm. Though the iPad is designed to appeal to all consumers, it has a deeper significance for women.

Melissa Bennett, spokesperson for the National Organization of Women, explained how the pad helps women during difficult times. “There are times in a woman’s life when things just aren’t easy. It is during these times that the pad can help the most. When things become messy and hard to handle, women need something they can rely on, and now they have the iPad.”

Women across the country share Bennett’s sentiments and are hailing the pad as the most important invention of the century. The benefit of the device comes in its improvements over previous models. Long time feminist and Mac enthusiast explained, “Up until now, our pads have been messy and cumbersome, but with the iPad, it’s different. With the new pad, everything is clear and streamlined.”

The iPad can also be beneficial for men. Ray Porter, a new Mac follower explained, “I never thought I would need a pad, but after seeing what it can do, I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I have a stressful life, and when I’m working through a difficult period of time, I need some peace of mind.”

The true strength of the iPad comes in its comparative advantage over competitors. Jobs explained it best during his keynote address: “The idea of a pad is nothing new. Pads have existed for centuries. More recently, our competitors have started developing them—palm pilots, pocket pads, and the like. Up until now, these pads have not been sources of pride. To the contrary, for many, pads are bulky and inefficient, devices of shame that must be concealed from view. With the iPad, we can change all that. Gone are the costly leaks of memory and other substances, gone is the embarrassment, and gone is the shame.”

The Apple iPad will hit stores next month. A package of 18 pads will sell for $5.00 at most retail outlets.

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