FORT COLLINS, CO–After failing to attract the eyes of the nation with Wife Swap, the Heene family turned to Disney for inspiration. They decided to put their son in a balloon to reenact UP, the story of a 6 year old boy and a crotchety old man who go away together in a flying house.

But when the Heenes they tried to put their reality stunt into practice, they faced several obstacles. First, they didn’t have nearly enough balloons to support their 6-year-old son Falcon.

”We dun’ got down there and strapped him up to those hundred bee-loons,” says Richard Heene, the father of Balloon Boy. “But that darn air wasn’t lifting him up.”

”I think we just needed three more balloons,” said Falcon. “Red ones!”

The Heenes were not the first ones to face challenges while reenacting Disney Movies. Several years ago a Kentucky family was arrested while reenacting Beauty and the Beast. Turns out bestiality is still illegal in Kentucky.

The Heenes also forgot a crucial part of the movie UP, because the old man they hired wasn’t well enough to leave the nursing home.

Once again, the reality show was not as good as the original movie.

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