With all the excitement surrounding the annual Activities Fair, Stanford’s prejudiced treatment of un-involved students has become a hot issue. Painfully evident is the fact that Stanford’s Activity Fair fails to appeal to small subgroup of Stanford students, namely those who are inactivity-prone. Freshman Elle O. Quint says it best, “The whole time I was at the fair, I was thinking about how my roommate wouldn’t fit it. It’s just plain immoral how people assume activity involvement here.”

Miss Quint’s observations are not alone. Student Government is currently working out a solution: namely, an annual In-Activities Fair, targeted at the students we’ve never seen.

“If we can get all the students who lock themselves in their room all day to lock themselves in the same room, at least they would be doing it together,” says Students Activities and Leadership peer adviser Mark Miwards. With this model in mind, the group is proposing a new line of activity-orientated inactivities to showcase at the fair, including Mock Mock Trial and an expected favorite: Unsocial Dance. The only potential downfall of the plan seems to be that no one will show up to the fair.  However, Miwards remains confident, adding, “Who knows, maybe all we need is more outside involvement and we can finally fix them.”

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