THE ROW—Last Friday, as housing results were released across campus, students drawing into La Maison Francaise, the French house, received a nasty surprise when they found out that German speaking students would soon be occupying their rooms and lounges.

In an effort to expand its presence on campus, and to ensure housing for all of its members, Gunther Adler, leader of the German house, submitted a list of demands to Stanford’s Housing Administration, including one which would allow members of the German house to occupy the French House for the 2009-2010 Academic Year.

“It’s clear what needs to happen here. Stanford Housing needs to ensure that the strongest, most popular organizations thrive,” explained Adler.

Haus Mitt has recently been through tough financial times, but since then it has aggressively recruited new members with catchy logos, propaganda flyers, and free beer. This new house pride has allowed them to quadruple their budget and triple their population.

Though most cultural groups on campus have spoken out in favor of the French, a few groups have chosen not to involve themselves in the affair. Specifically, the Swiss Cultural Society has refused to take a stance on this issue. However, other row residents have been too busy with pledge to take notice of the German occupation.

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