If you’ve been reading the Stanford Daily lately, or skimming the headlines of the New York Times to keep you superficially informed, you know that the Daily is going downhill. So are lots of other newspapers because they are based on old-world print models like advertising.

But at the Flipside, we do things differently. We don’t make money here at the Flipside. Since we are not a “real” newspaper, we don’t have to worry about “real” problems like the economy. Well, maybe that’s not true.

Yes, it’s been hard for us here at the Flipside with the financial crisis. We have had to cut down from a twenty page tabloid to a two sided piece of paper. That was really hard for us. The financial problems here at the Flipside are getting so bad that we don’t even pay our staff members. We never used to pay our staff members, but we still don’t now. Times are tough dealing with fake problems.

But we promise you that at the Flipside we will continue to serve as an independent watchdog of the administration as well as a watchdog on the Stanford Daily. Actually, we can’t really promise that.

If you want to help the Flipside get through its drug addiction the financial crisis, here is how you can help:

1. Read the Flipside in print and online at www.stanfordflipside.com. There is even more stuff online. Can you believe that!

2. Continue to ask more of us.

3. Buy Flipside merchandise. The Flipside is actually solely supported by t-shirt and shot glass sales, so if you like the Flipside, you should buy our custom merchandise. This is serious. If you don’t have anywhere to drink your alcohol from, but a Flipside shot glass. And if you don’t have any clothes to cover your upper body, buy a Flipside t-shirt. (email flipside@stanford.edu to buy)

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