The skateboarding conditions have been reportedly sub-par over the passed week or so due to the occasional rainstorm, which leave the pavement around campus slippery and filled with piled up debris (twigs and pine needles). However, on a quite clear and fair day for skateboarding earlier in the week novice skateboarder, Becky Hill, fell down awkwardly resulting in a very bad raspberry on her knee. She was promptly bandaged up when she returned to her dorm room and is still applying Neosporin regularly in an attempt not to scar. Becky’s fall was reportedly the most awkward fall by a novice skateboard in recent memory. She was riding close to grass outside of the Law Library when the incident occurred. “She was actually going really, really slow,” one eye-witness said of the crash, “She sort of just seemed like she fell off on her own accord. There was some wild arm flapping, but that was about it.”

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