Girl From Nearby High School Knows Some of the Same People

March 1, 2009 7:31 pm
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Kelly Jurgensen, a senior from Highland Park High School in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, just learned that Adrienne Arnold, a sophomore from the nearby Chicago suburb of Deerfield, knows some of the same people as she does from back home. The two met through Kelly’s friend Jacqueline Fernando ‘09, at which point Jurgensen enthusiastically asked Arnold, “Do you know John Felter? How about Gabe Harris? Risha Barrett? Priya Kivali?” The list continued to include an entire list of teenage human beings who had at one point lived in Deerfield. Arnold replied affirmatively to two of the people, at which point Jurgensen commented, “That’s really funny,” and then the two stood near each other in awkward silence.