As President Bush prepares to hand over the White House to Barack Obama, he is devoting more of his energy to shaping the legacy he will leave behind for future generations of Americans. The George W. Bush Presidential Library will be situated next door to the Presidential Library of the elder Bush, “So that visitors can get a 2-for-1 sort of deal,” said a White House spokesperson.

The highly secretive Bush administration has generously promised that a number of its documents and records will be available to the public, although it is likely that they will be completely incinerated beforehand. Indeed, the Library will contain rather limited reading material: W. Bush favorites Go Dog Go, the Patriot Act, and an unknown Dr. Seuss book comprise the entirety of the written archives.

Bush has hinted that some unique exhibits will incorporated, including real weapons of mass destruction from Iraq, a shooting range with Osama bin-Laden targets, and a small-scale replica of the Guantanamo Bay Facility (with live detainees). The architect’s plans also show that Bush’s approval ratings will be showcased on the walls, although most of them will be turned upside-down to present a more favorable view of the President’s tenure in office.

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