FACEBOOK HEADQUARTERS–After much deliberation and mixed reviews of the “New Facebook,” Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sought to make things right with users through the addition of the new “It’s Abusive” relationship status.

The move has been hailed by the majority of Facebook users as a “step back in the right direction.” Many say this feature has really helped them to redefine and reshape their relationships.

Sophomore at University of Colorado Bethany Joyce said she didn’t realize her relationship was abusive until Facebook added this category. “Everyone knows it’s not official until it’s Facebook official,” Joyce commented perkily.

Bethany Joyce had been dating her boyfriend Lawrence for a year and a half and had failed to pick up on any of the telltale signs. Joyce’s friends noted that Lawrence was overly demanding, told her she could never hang out with other boys, and always seemed to be hitting her. “We all thought it may have been abusive, but we just weren’t sure,” said Joyce’s closest friend, Daniella Talante. “But when they put it up on Facebook, our hunches were confirmed.”

Facebook employees said that this addition came about after sensing that users felt too limited in describing their relationships. “Users reported that they wanted something between ‘Single’ and ‘In A Relationship’ but not quite as standoffish as ‘It’s Complicated,'” said Matt Cohler, Vice President of Product Management. “Now our users have more options like ‘Has a Thing With,’ ‘It’s Over,’ and ‘Friends With Benefits.'”

However, the biggest breakthrough was the category ‘It’s abusive,’ which now allows users to make sure that all of their friends are in safe, healthy relationships. Said Cohler, “When you get a message in your newsfeed that says, ‘Rachel Pinter changed her relationship status to ‘It’s Abusive”–that’s when you know you need to step in and help.”

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