When the brakeline on Kathy Ramone’s car snapped, pinning her precious child beneath the 4,000-pound vehicle, things looked pretty dire. But luckily for mother and son alike, a surge of maternal hormones gave Ramone a tremendous burst of strength, allowing her to finally get the high score on the local carnival’s strongman game that she’d been trying to reach for weeks.

“As a parent, your biggest fear is that your kids will come in harm’s way,” commented Ramone, her biceps visibly bulging. “So when my son Robby was trapped beneath our family car, it gave me the adrenaline I needed to finally score ‘Hercules’ on the nearby hammer-strike competition.”

Young Robby had reportedly been playing hopscotch in the driveway when the brakes on the family Subaru gave out and the two-ton automobile rolled on top of the 11-year-old. His mother, hearing screams, ran out to find her beloved only child irretrievably trapped between pavement and automobile.

But disaster was averted when a strength awakened in Ramone that she’d never known before. Scrambling into the car that had come to a rest atop her son’s torso, she quickly sped off to the county fair, where she proceeded to deliver such a mighty hammer strike to the weighted puck that it shot past her previous best of “Colossus” and rang the bell at the very top of the game’s tower.

“That lady has been coming here for a month, spending upwards of $100 on tickets every weekend,” noted Garth “Snakedick” Canolo, the carnie who operates the game. “I dunno, I guess I’m happy for her. Say, is the kid okay?”

As of press time, Ramone was visiting her son in the hospital to show off the oversized stuffed bear she’d just won.

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