Earlier this week, President Mark Tessier-Lavigne met with OAPE to discuss updating school policy surrounding marijuana usage following the implementation of Proposition 64, which approves marijuana for legal consumption for people over 21 years of age. The group concluded that students over the age of 21 would be able to possess pot on campus, but with a number of restrictions. President Tessier-Lavigne was quoted as saying: “Listen, its fine by us if a student wants to go out and legally buy a bottle of cannabis for their own usage, but for the safety of the student body we are hoping to limit the quantity and prevent irresponsible behavior such as playing marijuana drinking games or taking marijuana shots. The container must be at most 749 ml, and not a drop of pot more.”

MTL went on to discuss acceptable concentrations of marijuana, proclaiming that “marijuana is defined as having THC concentration of 20% or higher, if students want to consume substances containing less than 20% THC concentration with their door open, under supervision from their RA, the university feels comfortable in allowing that.”

To enforce this policy, Stanford has plans to strategically place security cameras and smoke detectors in locations such as the bench by Lake Lag, every breezeway in Wilbur Hall, and the rooftop patio of the McMurtry Building. Additionally, Vice-Provost of Undergraduate Education Harry Elam will be moving his office into the Theta Delta Chi fraternity, “just to be safe.”

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