Make a to-do list every morning: Making a to-do list in the morning is a great way to get your mind going and focused on the day’s priorities! Getting all of your tasks and appointments together each day ensures you’ll never miss a beat! Chloe from work always makes a to-do list before breakfast, but didn’t put “Come to my birthday party” on it on the day of my birthday, I guess.

Exercise: Get those legs a pumping and get that heart beating! Cardio, weightlifting, or pick up sports are all great ways to stay in shape and feel great all day. Even a short jog or walk can do wonders for your body, and walking to work is a great way to get your exercise in without having to take an extra trip to the gym! My neighbor Carlos walks to work every day, but I guess walking to my house for the birthday party would have been too much walking, because he didn’t walk to my birthday party even though I invited him.

Get 8 hours of sleep a night: Successful people work hard during the day, but also make sure to get plenty of sleep at night. My friend Leroy is super successful and definitely does this, he slept until 4 pm on the day of my birthday, and then texted me “just woke up lol” after my party had ended, and everyone had left.

Get invited to my birthday party: Chase is a fucking loser and didn’t get invited to my birthday party, so yeah.

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