Senior Justin Henshaw rose to Stanford-wide internet infamy Sunday after taking a stand against Twitter’s 140-character limit. Alongside friends who have led the #NoDAPL campus movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline, various walkouts, and several support rallies, Justin has become a strong figurehead for student-led activism at Stanford.

“I just really feel that this issue has not been properly brought to light. People have been frustrated for years and nobody seems to care en—“ explained Justin, cutting off his response at the 140-character mark. Many of his professors who initially struggled with his decision to take an oath to stick to the 140-character limit in his essays, papers, and midterm responses have applauded him for his bold decision, citing the idea that “It’s good to see more young people caring about, and spending so much time, on social media.”

The University has also agreed to grant Henshaw 5 units of academic credit for his work, and he has voiced interest in pursuing an honors thesis on the matter. To enroll in the 1-unit class he will be teaching during spring quarter titled “The Sky’s the 140-Character Limi-,” sign-up through Axess.

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