Normally I don’t read newspapers, but recently I sat down on a couch in the library and on the table in front of me I saw a copy of the Stanford Daily. I figured “hey, if this newspaper is everywhere, it can’t be that bad, right?” So here are my thoughts on the Stanford Daily, article by article.

The big one on the front page: I don’t actually remember the title of this article, but think it had something to do with controversy and Stanford. I mean, I know it had something to do with that, because I read it, right? Yes. It was read. By me. I’d give this article a 7/10.

The interview: Man, I love interviews! It’s great to get insight into the opinions of an important person. And believe me, whoever they interviewed was really important. And they said some important things too. It was great, 10/10.

The one with the graphic: So, they probably polled some people, right? That’s what most newspapers do. Maybe it’s a graphic of some other data, but I’m guessing it was a poll. I like polls. 9/10.

The sports one: Our football team is bad, so it was probably about that. It would be way cooler if our football team wasn’t bad. 2/10.

Anyways, that was all the articles in the most recent issue of the Stanford Daily! Or maybe it wasn’t the most recent issue, I don’t exactly remember when I read it – but I did. And I definitely plan on reading more of it in the future. Trust me.

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