Last week’s NRA endorsement of presidential candidate Donald Trump surprised few. Nevertheless, spokesmen from the NRA were quick to justify their decision as being the cumulating effort of weeks of research.

Said one NRA representative, “Gun gun gun gun gun. Gun gun gun gun gun gun gun. Gun gun gun, gun, gun-gun, Donald Trump.” While others disagreed with the moral implications of the NRA’s decision, no one could fault their airtight logical reasoning.

Reflecting their status as a pro-gun lobby with no other platforms or priorities, a representative commented “Gun gun gun gun gun. Gun, Hillary Clinton no-gun no-gun. Gun, gun gun; gun gun gun, gun gun.”

With the presidential race quickly transforming into a dead heat, the NRA’s endorsement of Donald Trump represents the rallying of a major conservative political establishment behind the controversial candidate. The NRA declined to comment on this matter, saying only “we have no further comment at this time.”

Still, the NRA is not immune from the stigma currently associated with the Trump name. Several outspoken critics have blasted the gun-lobby as discriminatory due to its support for Trump. In response, the NRA issued a statement to the effect of “Gun, gun gun equals-sign pistola. Pistola gun gun pistola gun gun gun second amendment.

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