Hi, I’m Rick Featherton and I’m going to explain how football works. The rules of football are complicated, and can get confusing to the layman or woman. But have no fear! By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll be a football expert!

Football starts when all the players (each wearing his own unique number and color), run out onto the field and arrange themselves into groups of four or, as the professionals call it, “plays.” The referee, who is the boss of the game, then sits on the field and pulls all his favorite flags from the referee pouch, emptying them into a neat pile on the grass, before throwing his most favorite one across the field to begin the recreation.

In the middle of the game, there is a special pause called “quarter mash” when the players strip themselves of their uniforms and roll off the field, and then they cry and cry to show the crowd how important the game is to them. The game ends when the first team shouts, “Football!!!” as loud as they possibly can. This is when most football injuries occur because they are screaming so loudly. The other team must acknowledge their defeat by shouting “Football! Football! Football!! You are the better football!” Football, of course, refers to the people playing the game.  The game itself is actually called “sport field” by modern professionals, with the players being referred to as individual “footballs.”

Hopefully this short overview has been helpful, and you now have a solid grasp on the concepts of sport field. Now go impress your best friends with your newfound knowledge!

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