The State Department has released 296 emails on Friday from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email account. The documents made public were provided in response to a request for more information about the 2012 Bengazi terrorist attack, however the newly released emails have spawned a separate controversy.


It has been revealed that Hilary remained deaf to the impassioned pleas from a banished member of the Nigerian royal family, who was left with no recourse but to send out emails imploring assistance in transferring his assets out of the country. Clinton’s move to ignore the emails has drawn international criticism and rebukes by several world leaders.

“His own country had deposed him. It was his only option!” stated secretary general of the U.N. Ban Ki Moon, “He was only asking for her bank information and social security info so that he could transfer his funds out of the country! It isn’t like he wasn’t going to give her anything in return. He was going to give her a full %10 of his fortune for her help. How could she be so heartless?”

Clinton has, as of press time, neglected to comment on the situation, but it remains to be seen whether the Nigerian Prince will ever receive the help he requires.

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