PUNCH-DOME, LAS VEGAS – This past weekend, in the storied Punch-Dome in Las Vegas, Nevada, two reportedly good punchers met to compare their punching skills. It was certain that only one of the two punchers would be declared the better of the two at their shared hobby, but it was necessary to pit them against each other so that the best puncher could be accurately determined.

The punching competition began with The Striped Man declaring his Punch Laws. “Only hand-punches tonight,” The Striped Man said. “No foot, tooth, or head punches. Let’s keep this a good, clean, Punch-Dome punching contest.” The two punchers agreed to The Striped Man’s Laws, and walked to their respective corners of the Punch Square.

Soon, the punching was underway. Both punchers punched one another several times. Occasionally, one puncher would lie down and let The Striped Man practice his counting. “One,” he would say, and then “two, three, four.” The Many People Around joined in the counting as well, all enjoying the chance to practice such a crucial skill. They seemed less interested in practicing the skill of punching themselves, but were supportive of the punchers’ efforts.

The evening came to a close with one puncher declared the better of the two at punches. Some of The Many People Around disagreed with who was the better, but others sided with The Striped Man. Even after all of this, one question remained: are these two men the only in the world who can punch, or are there others like them, hidden among The Many People? Only time will tell.

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