Seattle, WA – Alaska Airlines continues to lead the way in the airline industry, having introduced a progressive new campaign aiming to ease the burden of their first-class flyers by allowing them to check their privilege for free. In yesterday’s public statement, the airline announced, “Here at Alaska Airlines, we recognize the tremendous amount of privilege that our customers frequently carry onboard with them, and we recognize that it can be difficult to enjoy the first-class experience while thinking about marginalized and disadvantaged people. We are excited to offer our first-class passengers the unparalleled opportunity to travel sans guilt by checking their privilege. With our team of specially trained counselors and check-in agents, we can absolutely guarantee our customers a guilt-free trip!”

This new option currently is not offered by any other airline, and Alaska hopes that it will set them apart from the rest. Business travelers applauded Alaska’s move; frequent first-class flyer Fred Ferguson told the Flipside, “Usually I have to carry my straight white maleness and socioeconomic status onto the plane along with my carry-on bag. It’s a huge burden, and I’m excited to be able to reduce my baggage and increase my relaxation on my next Alaska flight!” As of press time, Southwest Airlines is discussing plans to expand privilege checks to business class and premium economy passengers.


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