Special Guest Headliner: Paul McCartney “Unplugged”
The legendary Paul McCartney is coming to Stanford!  And he’s going back to his roots.  Watch this hall-of-famer “unplugged,” his only instrument a tupperware container with some dried peas in it.

A Casio keyboard playing the music that’s already built into it
Think you need an actual person to entertain you? Think again! Sit back and let “Casio Demo Track 1.1” soothe your nerves. Don’t mind Mike, the guy in charge of turning on the keyboard — he won’t actually play anything!

some chickens
Sit back, relax, and let the dulcet tones of some chickens give your ears a feast.  We won’t tell you how many chickens there are, but it’s more than you’d expect!

A person in a New Jersey Devils jersey asking for directions
PiaNJDJAfD is one of the most anticipated acts of Frost 2015, performing hit singles off his EPs “Doya Know Wheah Town Hall is” and “Heah We Go De-vils Heah We Go.” Watch sparks fly as he drunkenly takes his jersey off, as is customary at the end of his acts.

A puppet/doll with a bulge
American Girl Doll Julie Albright likes playing basketball, on the boys basketball team. Find out why she’s packing more than the stat sheet when you come see Julie and her uncomfortably apparent crotch-bulge play the historic Frost amphitheater.

Three omelettes dumped in front of the mic
The trio that keeps you coming back again and again: cheesy onion, bacon temptation, and the mysterious “Ranchero.” Watch in awe as these completed omelettes are unceremoniously dumped on center stage and an accordion blares. Want some pepper with that?

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