On Monday April 20, Oprah is slotted to deliver the annual Stanford lecture on a meaningful life at Memorial Church.The Stanford Flipside has had the opportunity to sit down with Oprah before her lecture and ask her a few personal questions about how mind-numbingly rich and influential people live meaningful lives. 

 “At first I thought telling people what to read and what their favorite things should be and how they should live their lives was enough for me. But it wasn’t. I needed more power over my flock. If they are to drink from the sweet wine of my afterlife, they must bow before me; what better way to do that than with cable TV?”

The financial powerhouse and media mogul currently serves as chairman and CEO of the Oprah Winfrey Network, with regards to which she remarks, “One show wasn’t enough. A whole channel, however? That did the trick. I even built a school for girls in South Africa where I could lend my influence to the less fortunate and create small minions all around the world.” The concept of this lecture is near and dear to Oprah’s heart, as she says, “A meaningful life to me is one where my life touches the lives of others. Then it grabs those same lives and brings them under your unquestionable semi-divine authority. It just warms me to my very core.”

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