For Stanford’s chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, winter quarter kicked off with some awful news. Following an investigation into worrying sexual harassment concerns, the fraternity will be unhoused for the next two years. The allegations and punishment had left many off the fraternity brothers sad and downtrodden, until the arrival of their unlikely ally: Tiffany Parker, an ex-Playboy Playmate.

Parker had initially come to SAE searching for a temporary home, but after learning about SAE’s punishment she became determined to help them win back their housing. In an impassioned interview with the Flipside, Ms. Parker spoke in defense of SAE housing: “I believe that everyone should have a house. Even birds have houses! Would you take a birdhouse away from a band of bird brothers?” she demanded.

SAE brothers were initially suspicious of the 31 year-old ex-model, despite her sunny manner and can-do attitude. That all changed, however, at a house barbecue. “We didn’t have any wood for the fire, and it was a huge bust,” explained SAE brother Mikey Williams,  “Suddenly out of nowhere Tiffany ran up with an armful of her dry old Playboy magazines, and screamed ‘This should get the fire started!’ and we used those as kindling.”

As that fire warmed their burgers, so too did Parker’s altruism warm the hearts of the SAE members. Over subsequent weeks of outrageous hijinks and touching moments, Parker taught the brothers about being themselves, and they all learned a thing or two about community along the way. From the time Parker used her fashion knowledge to give the brothers makeovers, to the memorable time she learned how to slap the Franzia bag, it’s been a wild ride. House or no, the Playboy model has found a home with SAE.

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