PYONGYANG – Today is one of celebrated exuberance throughout the splendid Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as the National Defense Commission, which in its duties prevents intellectual riffraff from tainting upon the minds of our Righteous Citizenry is releasing the one and only discharge of a film for the screen.

The newest viewing pleasure: “The Spurious Meeting of our Glorious Leader with that Despicable Hooligan, Seth Rogen” has already become a fantastic success throughout its minimal time burgeoning across the six theaters of our Great and Magnificent Country.

This wholehearted tale of comicality comes to us presented from serious director Won Ji Seok, previous maker of such films “You Cannot Leave Here Because Your Life is So Great” and “No You Are Not Starving Because Kim Jong Un does not Will It”.

The plot as such begins when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un (may he live 1000 years) travels to none other than America, land of the traitorous mongrels that constantly gnaw at the mighty toes of our nation. Our Glorious Supreme Leader is bravely tasked with stopping that villain Rogen, scum son of twenty feral dogs.

Through a sneaky and most clever disguise, the cursed Rogen did not ever suspect that our Fearless Champion of Democracy was there not to instigate questions in the name of journalism, but to end the despicable life of the scoundrel Rogen, heinous parasite of all history.  It is nonetheless to say that this movie ends happily and with much cheer from the people of Korea.

So come to see this film that is sure to be a fully pleasant instance for altogether. Hail the Supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, and may our enmity be constant against that beast, the traitorous miscreant dedicated to terror upon our People, Seth Rogen.

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