The tranquil sounds of flowing water, frantic scribbling and the turning of textbook pages fill the space of Stanford’s Windhover Study Room, a new structure designed to promote well-being and quiet contemplation among students.

Freshman Timmy Westerson ’18 recently visited the building for the first time this Sunday. “It really is a nice place. I can’t think of a more peaceful space to toil under the truckloads of reading I have for my bio class,” he stated in a hurried interview with one headphone still in his left ear. “Just me, alone with my own thoughts, my six textbooks and the cool, soothing glow of my laptop monitor.”

“It’s really easy to get caught up with the fast pace of Stanford,” said Sophomore Jimmy Brotoni ’17. “Windhover is a place to be in the present. I spent six hours there yesterday just watching the ripples travel across the artificial pond and mocking up six branching versions of my four-year plan. It’s important to stop every now and then to contemplate the world around you while scheduling out your next 22 unit quarter.”

Although feedback for the Windhover Study Room has been almost universally positive, many have expressed discontent at the lack of power outlets and cell reception.

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