LOS ANGELES – On Friday, the producers of CBS’s “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” celebrated a recent spike in online discussion centered around the show’s host.

“People hadn’t been talking about Craig much lately, then all of a sudden it was Ferguson here, Ferguson there,” said Jonah Alvarez, the show’s Director of Social Media. “We didn’t do any big media push or anything, so it’s nice to see this kind of support spring up from the online community.”

However, the show’s staff found the tone used to describe Craig Ferguson confusing. “Up until now, we’ve mostly been known for interrupting interviews with two guys in a horse costume,” said Alvarez. “Now, everyone on the #Ferguson hashtag is talking about racial profiling and police brutality. We’re not really sure where this came from.”

“We are working on addressing some of these concerns on the show. Unfortunately, some things are easier said than done,” said Executive Producer Maria Nguyen. “With an institution like ‘The Late Late Show,’ you don’t see that kind of change overnight.”

Despite the lack of change to the show’s format, the staff of “The Late Late Show” were surprised to find the hashtag #Ferguson disappeared as quickly as it had popped up.

“After a while,” said Alvarez, “I guess Craig Ferguson just becomes too hard to think about.”

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