In an effort to reverse a trend of declining viewership, as well as spread the sport to a new demographic, NASCAR executives have announced the decision to hold a race at Rainbow Road during the 2011 season.

Due to the organizational difficulty of hosting a large-scale event at such a remote site, preparations began almost immediately to ensure the success of the 150cc race. Drivers have begun practicing their aim with green shells while power-sliding around banked turns and avoiding enemy’s bananas. Pit crews not only have to worry about tire changes and quick refuels, but they have to coordinate with Lakitu in the event that their drivers fall off the edge and need to be recovered.

“It has been a tremendous challenge for me personally,” explains veteran NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., “because those fake items boxes just look too much like the real thing. My crew and I need to work to overcome this obstacle in the weeks leading up to the race.”

Conspiracy theorists have also claimed that this move may be prompted by an attempt to unseed five-time defending Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson, who historically finishes poorly at psychedelic, intergalactic race courses.

“One of the mental struggles for me,” claims Johnson, “is that this course will actually include right turns, which is something I am not accustomed to. It’s upsetting, but it’s only once race, and it’s not something that I am willing to rage-quit my job over.”

As usual, the Sprint Cup Series race will be preceded the day before by the Nationwide Series race, which will be hosted at Bowser’s Castle.

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