In the hustle and bustle of NSO and the first week of courses, we often forget that fall quarter at Stanford is a transitional period not only for the University’s bushy-tailed freshmen, but its upperclassmen as well.

And, who could serve as a better example of such quiet shifting around than local Sociology major and self-proclaimed “junior,” Tyler Forrester, whose recent move-in has caused a fair amount of controversy.

Forrester, expecting to drop his arms in exasperation at the first sight of his small one-room double, was shocked to discover that he found the room’s size “reasonable” and even “cozy.” “I was just so set on hating it,” Forrester said candidly as he surveyed the room, taking in the modest twin bed and sufficient bookshelf space, “but looking at it now I feel like these could be pretty sweet digs.”

Tyler’s roommate and mild-mannered acquaintance, Jack Hammond, was understandably horrified by the news. “I mean, c’mon,” Hammond opined, conveying his emotions primarily through shoulder movement, “I was expecting a horror story. Y’know, sparky outlets, flickering lights, furniture that could collapse at any moment, some real Bates Motel shit.”

Hammond went on to say that, while the lack of gender-specific bathrooms on his floor was “a little odd,” it was unfortunately an issue which he could see himself “forgetting about after like two days.”

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