My roommate loves his music. Every night like clockwork, it’s on with the headphones, open the laptop, and off he goes into his own little world, curled up on his bed in the corner of our room. He seems to be having fun, but it’s too bad that he’s sick a lot: always in bed and discarded Kleenex piling up everywhere. It’s actually kind of a surprise to me that he gets sick so much, since he always has a bottle of lotion right by his bed and moisturizes all the time.

Sometimes I try to bond with him over tunes, but when I go over to ask him what he’s listening to, he slams his laptop shut really fast and yells at me me to go away. I don’t really blame him for being rude, though. I completely understand – he’s just very passionate and private about his music. I probably wouldn’t like the kind of music he listens to anyway. One time when he was really getting into the music, his headphones got unplugged from his computer. And before he could scramble to plug them back in, I heard this weird funky 70’s music with a sample of a woman moaning overlaying the track. He turned it off really quickly, but from what I heard, it’s not really my jam.

But he sure loves it! He listens every night when he goes to bed. He even dances – it’s hilarious. I guess he’s too comfortable in his bed to get up so he just kind of wriggles and grooves right there in his blankets, rocking out to his tunes. He does this weird fist pumping thing under the covers when he gets really into whatever song he’s got playing, and he must really give it his all because he seems out of breath afterward and always goes to the bathroom to wipe himself down. Gotta respect a man who’s passionate about his music! Yep, he keeps to himself, but he’s overall a pretty good roommate. My only complaint is I get almost no private time – when the hell am I supposed to masturbate?

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