On the heels of the heartwarming story of Miles Scott, the San Francisco Batkid whose Make-A-Wish adventure garnered national attention, another poor, suffering child has managed to make a lifelong dream come true, as yesterday the city of Los Angeles briefly transformed into Gotham City in order to let five-year-old leukemia sufferer Kevin Davidson live out his greatest fantasy: becoming The Joker for a day.

“I’m so proud of little Kevin – this was the happiest day of his life,” said his mother, Tiffany, after the day’s events had concluded. “Seeing his gleeful smile as he suspended a helpless bystander over a pit of fake acid – I just knew that he was having a wonderful time.” Spectators at the day’s events pretended to cower in fear as the boy conducted a makeshift rampage across the city, participating in a phony bank robbery and planting mock bombs in several of the metropolitan area’s major hospitals. The day concluded with young Mr. Davidson vowing to “kill the Bat once and for all” while being straitjacketed on his way to a replica of Arkham Asylum, having just been foiled in his fictitious attempts to broadcast a fabricated murder of the city’s mayor on public access television.

“We’re thankful that the city and the general public came out to support Kevin in such a major way,” said the boy’s father, Mark. “It’s been a rough time for him. He’s always been so moody and insolent – he never really got along with other kids – so it’s been great to see him really just come out of his shell for once.” The elder Davidson added that he wanted to extend his gratitude to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for their help in making his son’s dreams come true, stating that their “sudden intervention” was “instrumental in changing a young man’s life.” “To be honest, until Make-A-Wish called, we weren’t even aware that Kevin had leukemia; they told us he had contacted them all on his own. He’s a rather independent sort, though – stays in his room a lot – so we’re not surprised,” continued Davidson. “We had him go through some tests at the hospital late last night, though, and they all came back negative, so it must be in remission. It’s amazing what the power of positive thinking can do.” The younger Davidson, by contrast, refused to comment on the day’s events, offering only a strange smile when questioned.

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