NEW ORLEANS, LA—The long awaited performance of pop star and world leader Beyoncé at the Super Bowl XLVII half time show included a special surprise: the singer was joined onstage with Destiny’s child, 15-year-old Harmony.  ‘90s Pop R&B enthusiasts have eagerly awaited this reunion since 2006, when Beyoncé and Destiny’s daughter put out their last album together.

Harmony was overwhelmed with excitement to be able to perform onstage with Beyoncé, as she had as a child.  In honor of their reunion, Beyoncé had Harmony assist her in singing some of the classics, including “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Say My Name,” and “Independent Woman,”—all songs that came out before Destiny’s child had reached age two in 1999—though she still felt uneasy sharing the stage for “Bootylicious.”  “She may have been singing that song at age 3,” says Beyoncé with a winning smile, “but now that she’s fifteen, I don’t think I’m ready for that jelly.”

Beyoncé remembered her days with Harmony fondly: “When Destiny’s child was born, my life began and it is a blessing to share the stage with her again.”

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